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The Ketogenic Diet: What is It? Tip#48
Keto is a type of diet that eliminates carbs. The ketogenic diet is high-fat moderately protein and low-carb. The South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet (its Induction Phase is particularly) and modified Paleo and various other low-carb diets are the most common ketogenic diets. The ketogenic diet is suitable for almost anyone since you can be vegan , or vegetarian, and still be able to achieve ketogenesis. Concentrate on natural fats , and stay away from processed foods that are high in trans-fats. Avoid fruits with low glycemic index however, they are high in fiber. Additionally, think about other options like avocados (also because of their fat) or berries. A lot of yellow, green, or red vegetables is recommended. Try this Custom Keto Diet for an idea.

A ketogenic diet that is typical could include:
Meat (grass-fed or free-range is superior): pork, chickens and beef, eggs. Vegetable protein sources are important for vegans.
Nuts and seeds
Cream, whole butter, as well as hard cheeses
Leafy greens
Fish and seafood from the sea
Olive oil, coconut oil, and butter that is pure are all great sources of omega 3.

Here are some tips to avoid
Anything made from starch (even organic whole grain bread)
Most fruits (due due to their high sugar content) are very low in sugar.
All food items that's marked with low-fat
Vegetable oils are high in omega-6, but with low omega-3
This guide will help you determine the type of fat that is best for you.

Some keto-friendly people drink alcohol, while some add coffee (with no cream, milk or sugar) to their diet. Others, however, stay far from it. Test these beverages to discover what works best for your needs.

Here's how a Keto Sample Dinner will look like:

Bacon and ground beef rolls (166 calories, 14.3g butter, 0 net carbohydrates, 7.64g protein per portion)
Loaded cauliflower (199 calories, 17g fat and 3 net carbs per serving, 8 g protein)
Bone broth is 72 calories 6g saturated fat 0.7 net carbs and 3.6g of protein per cup
Bye Bye Carbs - Bring Bacon to the table! Bacon
People have relied on carbs as the foundation of their diets for a lot of the history of humanity. Carbohydrates are a fantastic source and a preferred source of energy.

In our modern industrial agricultural world with its calorific abundance and sedentary lives, we tend not to rely enough on carbs and often overdo it. The body quickly breaks down excess carbs and stores it as fat. What results is a dramatic rise in obesity. The ketogenic diet makes your body dependent on dietary fat for energy. It does this through the conversion of fats into ketones, or free fatty acids. This natural metabolic state known as ketosis, is commonly called. To attain ketosis, it is necessary to decrease your intake of carbohydrates to increase the body's production and production of ketones. If you cut down your carb intake to around 30 to 50 grams of net carbs, leaving your body with only one option: depend on fats from your diet for energy.

Your Body is on Keto
Carbohydrates, that are usually reduced into glucose, serve as the main fuel source. Glucose that isn't utilized can be converted into glycogen, which is stored in your muscles and liver for later use. The ketogenic diet alters everything. When you go keto, your body goes into ketosis, a state where glycogen is depleted because of the lower carb intake. Instead, fats are oxidized to produce energy, which is known as ketones. In contrast to glucose, which gives quick bursts of energy but the fat-derived energy burns slower. In turn, you are less likely to experience sugar crash immediately following a high-carb meal following a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet helps in reducing overeating as unsaturated fats can be more satisfying. Further, research has demonstrated that ketones are neuroprotective.

The Adjustment Phase of Adapting to Keto
Your body is resistant to changes. The keto flu, also called side effects of ketogenic diets, could begin to manifest within the first weeks. Nausea, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms are all signs of the keto flu. It can be thought of as your body's way of getting rid of its dependence on carbohydrates and switching to fats for fuel. The ketogenic diet releases fatty acids from the body, and insulin levels decrease. Your kidneys are likely to shed more water when your levels of insulin decrease. There's a rise in toilet visits as well as a drop in potassium and sodium. Your blood pressure can drop because of this. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness, fatigue, and weakening. Low blood pressure can also lead to leg cramps.

These symptoms can be combated by increasing your fluid and electrolyte intake, especially in the initial few weeks following the ketogenic diet. Bone or vegetable broth consumption is also helpful. A different negative side effect of ketosis is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Feeling tired, hungry or shaking is a sign that your body is adjusting to a new diet. A ketogenic diet can result in a decrease in physical performance. A review of research on ketogenic diets and physical performance revealed the following:

A ketogenic diet may cause anaerobic (i.e., weight lifting and sprint) performance less effective. This would discourage the use of ketogenics in athletics that are competitive. If you are an athlete, and your capacity to perform at 100% is essential for your job (or the position you hold, if it's professional) in the off-season, then a change of plan might not be the most effective choice.
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